Project Specialisations
  • Providing Lateral Solution to Intransigent Community/Council Problems.
  • Development of Environmentally Compatible Cost Efficient Rural Waste Facilities.
  • Optimizing Waste Management Systems.
  • Developing Community Focused and Managed Infrastructures.
  • Outcomes Orientated.

Local governments and the private sector both use the expertise and experience of WARREN BOLTON Consulting Pty Ltd to undertake projects such as -


  • Drafting Local Laws and Policies;
  • National Competition Policy Assessment;
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Plan;
  • Undertaking Public Consultation for Specific Projects;
  • Developing IEMS and EMP;
  • Conducting Licensing Under EPA;
  • Annual Environmental Audits of Premises;
  • Waste Management;
  • Planning Administration; and
  • Provide Human Resources Shortfall Support in Areas of Building Assessment and Environmental Health.

For the private sector:

Managing -

  • Development Applications and Negotiations;
  • Building Tribunal Representation;
  • Planning and Environment Court Representation;
  • Monitoring and Reporting on Environmental Contaminants;
  • Representing Industry in Community Complaints about Certain Activities; and
  • Representing Community Groups in Approaches to Local Governments about Community Issues.
  • Local Laws
  • Local Laws Policies
  • NCP Review
  • Conduct PIT
  • Redundancy Review
  • Training of Local Laws Officers
  • Writing Notices
  • Gathering Evidence
  • Negotiating in Conflicts
  • Public Relation Skills
  • Using SPER
  • On Site Upskilling of Graduate Environmental Health Officers
  • Working in Local Governments
  • Report to Councils
  • Dealing With The Community
  • Identifying The Substance Of Public Issues
  • Evidence Gathering